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Re: SGML in other applications

Am 15. Jun, 2000 schwäzte Gary Preckshot so:

> There's a vague worship of SGML coupled with a confusion or
> lack of requirements for using it, or rather DocBook. You
> have no statable requirements for searching, no guidance for
> authors on how to make their documents searchable, and no
> guidance whatsoever on using DocBook beyond "use article and
> the DTD will make all right." There's a lot of things

We do need these things. You've been helping quite a bit with that, IMHO.

> permitted by the DTD that are useless or ridiculous. We need
> a DocLint, similar to the lint used with C.

Which many of us have suggested, but none of us have supplied. I would
like to as it would be an interesting project. I don't have the time until
I finish some other interesting projects. That's life in the free world...

You're right, though, in that it hasn't been done and we really could use

> BTW, I just saw Mark's most recent plans, and they sound
> good.

See, you can be positive :).

> If that's being an ass, I like being an ass.

That's not being an ass. Insulting people for doing things differently
than you think they should be done is. In your kitchen you can enforce
you're rules. In my kitchen things get done my way, even if it doesn't
make sense to you. Personally I would never duel-boot my refrigerator :).


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