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Re: Editors, Searching, Geekness, and Gary Preckshot

Am 15. Jun, 2000 schwäzte Gary Preckshot so:

> Peter Hernberg wrote:

> Nope. I have a huge issue with using inadequate tools.

More properly: with tools you consider inadequate for *your* usage.

> that's all I know. Vi is adequate for text editing, but I
> use X and emacs if I'm programming. I haven't tried the

I find vi much better for programming because the interface makes more
sense. You've said you don't like "edit" and "command" modes. I think that
kicks ass. Emacs not being like that is the main reason I don't use it (
well that and not knowing it well enough to be near as proficient as I am
in vi :).

> lesson 2: Garbage in, garbage out. If DocBook isn't used in
> a way that leaves data to search for, there won't be
> anything to search for.

Most true. I can use it properly from a variety of editors. The LDP hasn't
even figured out what it considers proper use. You are being quite helpful
on that front, I think.

> lesson 3: I've been making computers do difficult things for
> 30 years.

I haven't. Maybe after I've put in 30 years I won't care about learning
how markup languages work as I'll already know. Same thing with lots of
other stuff I do. That doesn't mean my work methods are wrong. In fact,
for my situation, they are the proper methods.

> > Third: Geekness
> > I am a self-acknowledged geek.
> Same here, but I do something about it. I recognize the
> difficulty in communicating with normal people, and take
> steps to facilitate it.

In a very harsh manner (on this list).

> with a DTD search engine. Amazon.com is probably a heavy

I hope not as they'll be patenting anything to do with parsing DTDs or
anything else they can think of :(   :)


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