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Re: Lots of SPAM on the list

On Sat, Jun 17, 2000 at 04:53:21AM -0700, der.hans wrote:
> > Because some of us do not always use the same email address.
> Ah, fix your client ;-). I know you seem to move around quite a bit, so

Yup, I'm guilty.

> you're probably the one most hit by this. Would it be much of a problem to
> subscribe the extra email addresses and then config them to not receive
> mail? That's what I suggest with the lists I admin.

I receive my mailing lists on a single email @bigfoot.com which
dispatch the mails to my other accounts. I can forge a From, but
depending on the mailing list the Sender will not let the message go.

On egroups I have no problems since they let a single account post from
different emails

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