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Can you please assist ?


We are a software development company that specializes in security software.  For some time now we have been working on developing a Client email program that contains security features never before available.

In order for us to make this program the best that it can possibly be, we ask your assistance by taking a few minutes to answer these important questions for us.

Which of the following functions do you consider to be important or essential for an email program?

For questions 1-7, please rate 1-5.  (1 being the least important and 5 being most important).

A client email program should have:
Question 1:     The ability to prevent certain attachments that may possibly be carrying a virus. 
(This allows you to accept only safe attachments)
Importance Rating______

Question 2:     Automatic searching for file attachments that have been renamed or tampered with.
(Virus senders can rename vbs files to txt files hoping you will open them)
Importance Rating______

Question 3:     The ability to limit the size of incoming email and attachments.
(Reduce time wasted downloading large files, graphics, audio files, jokes, etc.)
Importance Rating______

Question 4:     The ability to select the size of outgoing emails and attachments.
(Saves bandwidth as large files are roughly doubled when transferred by email).
Importance Rating______

Question 5:     An encrypted Address Book.
(This will stop worm viruses sending copies of itself to your clients and/or friends).
Importance Rating______

Question 6:     The ability to restrict the number of attachments and size of attachments sent or received. And the ability to the restrict types of attachments received.
(Gives control to employers and eliminate privacy issues arising).
Importance Rating______

Question 7:     A viewable log file containing information such as; email deleted without being opened, when email was downloaded, when email was read (opened), if email was forwarded or replied to etc.
(Mail management and accountability at a glance)
Importance Rating______

Question 8:     Has your company been the victim of a computer virus attack?
Yes/No    ________

Question 9:     If yes to question 8, approximately how many hours did it take to fix the problem?
Hours      ________

Question 10:    If an email program was developed with the above security features, would you be interested in trialing a free demonstration version?
Yes/No   ________

Question 11:          What percentage of email traffic is personal email?  

We sincerely thank you for your time in answering these important questions for us. 

Sincere thanks,
Graeme A. Ryan

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