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Howto book and links between howtos


 I'm thinking about a way to create a book containing all the howtos and
to have links between howtos.

 - 2 howtos, ht1 and ht2.

--- ht1.sgml ----------------------------------------------
<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN" [
<!ENTITY % ht1.dtd SYSTEM "ht1.dtd">
<article id="ht1.article">
    <title>The howto number 1</title>
  <sect1 id="ht1.faq"><title>FAQ</title>

--- ht1.dtd -----------------------------------------------
<!entity ht1.myentity1 SYSTEM "ht1-myentity1.sgml">

And equivalent files for ht2, containing:
<xref linkend="ht1.article>, or <xref linkend="ht1.faq">

You can now write an Howto book with the file 
(you just need to comment doctype decls in different howtos):

--- HowtoBook.sgml ---------------------------------------
<!DOCTYPE HowtoBook [
<!ELEMENT HowtoBook (article)*>
<!ENTITY % DocBook PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN">

<!ENTITY % ht1.dtd SYSTEM "ht1.dtd">
<!ENTITY ht1.sgml SYSTEM "ht1.sgml">

<!ENTITY % ht2.dtd SYSTEM "ht2.dtd">
<!ENTITY ht2.sgml SYSTEM "ht2.sgml">


The problem is that you get "missing XRef LinkEnd to ID '...' when you
process an howto alone.

On the other hand, when you process the "HowtoBook" (I tested with
ldp.dsl#html), you already get a valid output.

Philippe Martin

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