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Completely confused

About 4 months ago I decided to write a couple of HOWTO's for
qmail/vmailmgr and courier-imap. Went I satrted I read the HOWTO howto,
and the downloaded some SGML sources for a couple simple HOWTO's and
started work. I downloaded the sgml-tool that supported LinuxDoc and was
easily able to port the sgml to html and text.

Now due to feedback and an update to vmailmgr its time to update the
HOWTO's. I figured this would also be a good time to upgrade to docbook
which everyone is talking about, and which I understand is the LDP's
prefered format. I figured I should start with the LDP Authoring HOWTO,
which would hopefully tell me how to convert. Nope.
I then figured I would look at the examples and get the updated
sgml-tools so that I could convert the new sgml sources to html and
text. In the LAH (LDP Authoring HOWTO), it talks about a new version of
sgmltool that i need to get from CVS, well I dont understand why there
isnt a tarball, but I tried. It didnt work, it wouldnt take cvs as a
password. I think went to rpmfind looking for an rpm. None to be found.
OK, so now what?

To make everything worse I read about the dsssl's or whatever. There is
an LDP one that I need to replace some otehr one with. Huh?

I am experiencing something unusuall? I hope so. If its this insane for
everyone the LDP made a mistake jumping from LinuxDoc. Why has no one
tossed up a tarball on the LDP site that includes everything need to
work with the sgml file? I dont mean to create them, I mean tools to use
the darn things.

Call me stupid, but this doesnt make sense to me. Us authors should not
have to do this much work to get to writing.

Dan Kuykendall

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