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Re: Requiring use of DocBook; LinuxDoc

[coming in a little late on this thread]

> The poet said "no more difficult than LinuxDoc".  Doesn't more tags
> required make it more difficult if you're doing it manually?

Plain text is simpler than DocBook. cf. RFCs. And?

DocBook provides expressive facilities that LinuxDoc doesn't. These are
facilities that should be used in any serious LDP document and as such
new authors will need them anyway. I'm not talking extremely difficult
concepts here, I'm talking XRefs and LiteralLayouts and Tables and

LinuxDoc is a dead end both with respect to the LDP and generally.

DocBook is very easy to learn. (It made sense immediately to me mainly
because it looks so similar to HTML. The installed base of HTML
Knowledge is rather high.)

        In fact DocBook was so easy that I couldn't work out why Norm had to
        go on for a few hundred pages in DocBook: TDG about it. A well
        written 5 page tutorial was enough (i.e. Mark Galassi's DocBook

DocBook is King, Long Live DocBook. Exising LinuxDoc people, excellent.
New LinuxDoc people, please no.


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