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Re: LinuxDoc Luddites

>>>>> "G" == Gary Preckshot <garrell@inreach.com> writes:

    G> I don't think anybody can use the full scope of DocBook even
    G> with assistance.

I don't think anybody can use the full scope of C, even with
assistance.  What I see in the Linux kernel may be taking me in C
directions I've never seen before (with 20 yrs experience behind me),
but I suspect there are even more clever innovations right around the

Why on earth would you _not_ want to use an expressive document markup
language?  Why on earth would a simple HOWTO aspire to exhausting it?
Anyone remember my Guiness bet?

"If you design a system so even a fool can use it, only fools will
 want to use it" --- Richard Buckminster Fuller.

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