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Re: Requiring use of DocBook; LinuxDoc

> > Ok, let's remove those unlikely to be useful in an HOWTO para ...
> That's likely to be a bit difficult, since the content model is set by the
> DTD. Removing the unuseful ones would require rewriting DocBook, a task I
> regard as very time intensive.

* Not removing from DocBook, removing from example. Read into it a little
  harder, please, without issuing a flame.

> I've got better things to do with my time than pore over a very obscure
> content model.

* DocBook is not 'obscure', it's quite straightforward. Some constructs are
  harder to understand than others, but that's because they're complicated

> BTW, DB:TDG looks like it's automatically generated from the DTD. It isn't
> really anything but the content model embedded in hypertext. Norman Walsh
> is no fool, nor is he spending much time writing books about DocBook.

* No, he isn't a fool, and neither are the *many* people generating
  documentation from "non human-readbale" formats. Alan Cox is doing the
  same thing with the kernel, and Java programmers have a similar utility.
  Doing it any other way would be senseless.

* Do you think DB:TDG is bad resource?

> Why expend the effort when you can produce documentation at the touch of a
> key?

* Couldn't have said it better myself.

> I don't know. DSSSL controls the output formatting, and anyone using
> DocBook has the interaction of two definitions to concern themselves with.
> First, what does the DocBook tag really mean, and second, what does DSSSL
> think it means?

* As a documentation writer, you need only care about your DocBook. DSSSL is
  left for others to worry about, and for good reason.

- Jeff

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