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Unidentified subject!

I am trying to convert a recently written "Linux
User's Guide" to the Docbook format, from HTML format,
for submission to the LDP.

I tried using sgedit, from http://www.tksgml.de/, as
described in the Howto Howto document.  I downloaded
it and installed it on a Windows platform.  I
converted the first chapter, then tried to use the
sgml2html conversion program to be sure it could
translate the document back to HTML, but the sgml2html
program did not recognize several of the tags
including PARA which leads me to wonder:
A.  Do I need a more recent version of sgml2html?
B.  Are there several varieties of SGML documentation?
 If so, how many and where is this documented?

I am also interested in determining and documenting a
method that can be used by Linux authors, and other
authors in various technical fields, to write
technical documentation.  If a documented method can
be established for all writers to have enough "ease of
use" with Docbook I would be willing to work with
various individuals and organizations such as the LDP
and OASIS to try to make it a standard for the
industry as much as is practical.  

Thanks for any help with this matter.

Mark Allen.

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