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New RPMs for sgmltools-lite available! (fwd)


It seems the tools are more up-to-date then some people suggested here.


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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 17:52:35 +0200
From: Marc Andre Selig <mas@seligma.com>
Reply-To: sgml-tools@via.ecp.fr
To: sgml-tools@via.ecp.fr
Subject: New RPMs for sgmltools-lite available!

I have taken a snapshot of the current CVS tree for sgmltools-lite,
tweaked it to fit into a Red Hat 6.2 standard installation and created
an RPM package.

I have also created a package containing EPS versions of the icons
included with Norman Walsh's DocBook stylesheets.  You will need these
to produce PS documents using sgmltools-lite.

Together, these two packages should make installation of sgmltools-lite
extremely easy for users of Red Hat and compatible distributions.  Get the
packages, install them using rpm -i, and everything should be ready.

All files are available from http://www.sedacon.com/download/:

These are the md5sums to verify package integrity:
d3366cf0ececff6ce9622389383b965a  nw-eps-icons-0.0.1-1.noarch.rpm
0ea9fa970bf77daac91c4b3e7bcb9eed  sgmltools-lite-3.0.1.cvs20000625-1.i386.rpm

Marc Andre Selig

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