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XDM and X Terminal mini howto ... ?


I have been experimenting with using 486 PCs as
X terminals - but have found no one summary
document about using XDM and X terminals ...

I have seen the thin-client howto, the X users
howto, and read the XDM and X man pages. 
Eventually I sorted things out, with the help
of the Xserver man page (when I found it) and
misc articles from the web (LG, etc).

Basically, what I am coming round to, is I now
have some summary notes on XDM and X terminals
(in HTML at the mo) and was wondering about
submitting them as a mini-howto.

I did wonder about submitting them as part of the
thin-client howto, but there are really specific
to XDM, so would probably be best on their own ...

What is the general opinion ?

Do you want the information ?  If so, should I
'go it alone' as a mini or do you think it would
be best placed as part of another document ?

I am not sure quite when it will be ready to
submit - it is in HTML at the mo, so I will
need to pick up your templates and learn SGML,
but I wanted to know if it would be worth it
before embarking on this ...

Kevin Taylor

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