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Re: XDM and X Terminal mini howto ... ?


I submitted a query to ldp-discuss about writing
a XDM and X terminal mini howto, and have since
been told about the older X terminal mini Howto.

I obvisouly should have looked there first !

I am thus interested in bringing this up to date,
but would be interested to know what my next
move should be ...

I have a rudimentary source for my new document
(before the older X terminal was discovered)
in HTML and now (nearly) in DocBook/SGML ...

I will obviously have to combine the 2 documents
at some point.  Should I contact the original
author of the X terminal howto ?  Should I just
pick up the name 'x terminal mini howto' or
should I keep my 'XDM and X terminal mini howto',
pull in the bits from the older one, and just
provide credits ?

My thoughts are really with the latter.

Would value your opinions,
Kevin Taylor.

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