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Re: Linux+Win95-HOWTO

On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, David Merrill wrote:
> I have written to the author of the Linux+Win95-HOWTO regarding DocBook
> conversion. This document is also somewhat in need of updating. Perhaps
> my mail will prod him into doing it; if not, I will do it myself.

I wrote the 

Managing Multiple Operating Systems HOWTO

and would be interested in consolidating all of the Linux + this or that HOWTOs
into one overall document, especially those that are unmaintained.  I have
loaded everything with Linux from BeOS to Solaris to MS-DOS 6 and I think I can
have it done in about two months, depending on "real" work load.

Is anybody else doing this already?  Does anybody object to having their stuff
incorporated into a larger document?

Bob Schultz

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