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Update - Own your own E-Commerce Site at No Cost



AT Absolutely no cost -- 

Yes, your own e-commerce site

Choose the name, design, stores, and even the products you feature!

ALL at Absolutely no cost -- FREE!

No credit card needed to open your mall, just an address to mall your sale 
checks & commissions to:

HURRY before the name you want for YOUR SHOPPING MALL is taken!

Reply NOW WITH YOUR NAME to receive YOUR access code. 

Please read below for more information.
You can open an e-commerce store of your very own on the Internet and have 
it making money for you in a matter of minutes.  Better still, it costs you 
absolutely nothing to open it.

This is a turnkey operation.  You can choose the design of you store from 
several templates (all functions will be available after the pre-launch 
phase is completed very shortly), pick a color for your store, name your 
store, and decide what products your store will carry.

Setup is simple: just click on the template options and they will be added 
to your store.

Add Products: you will be able to offer a comprehensive variety of 
categories as well as a vast selection of brands and items and they all be 
constantly growing All with the best competitive pricing possible.

You can select from individual categories, open several stores, or open one 
or more superstores with multiple products. What you choose is what will be 
built for you.

With this new breakthrough product, you will never have to maintain 
inventory or find products to fill your store.  It will all be done for 
you. You an never have to worry about filling or processing order, handling 
returns or refunds. That will be done for you too! In fact, you won't have 
to deal with many of the headaches commonly associated with having your own 

Once the store is opened, when people make purchases from your store, you 
get paid. Tell your friends who are buying CDs to do it online at your 
store! Tell your family where they can get their next movie video your 
story Share Your store Address with
co-workers or even advertise it.
This is your choice..............
You are in control..............        

Ready to open your store? Simply reply to this email requesting your Access 

An access code will be provided, along with the link to the site where you 
will need to follow simple instructions on your computer screen. It takes 
only a few minutes to become an e-commerce storeowner.

REPLY NOW to get an access code. 

And begin thinking of the name you want to reserve
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