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Re: regular vs. mini HOWTO

Dan York wrote:
> The recent post by Aurora Skarra-Gallagher about the Cyrus mini-HOWTO
> and the question about having the document as an "actual" HOWTO instead
> of a "mini" HOWTO made me wonder about how one decides where your
> HOWTO should go.  Is there a web page or document that outlines how
> you decide?  Or has it just been self-selected?
> It looks to me that broader subjects are in the "regular" HOWTOs and
> more specific and narrower subjects are "mini" HOWTOs. But this does
> not seem to be consistent.
> It seems like this would be something worth a short paragraph in the

The whole division between HOWTOs and mini-HOWTOs seems very artificial
and arbitrary to me. I've only been involved with the LDP for two
months, so I'm sure there is history here I'm not aware of. Someone,
surely, will fill me in on it. :)

Regardless of the history, however, the current division works against
the user's needs. A user looking for information on a particular topic
should be able to view a list of all information sources on that topic
-- regardless of the word count of the document.

David C. Merrill, Ph.D.

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