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RE: SGML v2 ala DocBook

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> From: Poet/Joshua Drake []
> Sent: Friday, July 07, 2000 11:02 PM
> To: Gregory Leblanc
> Cc: 'Hal Burgiss'; LDP Discussion List
> Subject: SGML v2 ala DocBook
> Hello,
> O.k. guys... It is my understanding that the only thing you 
> really need to
> write and parse sgml is:
> Jade
> and the Norman Walsh StyleSheets (which I believe come with a 
> copy of the
> DTD)
> Is this correct? I want to make sure because I just use 
> RedHat 6.2 which
> has everything you need.

Yes, I think that's correct, although it does leave a few extra goodies out.
If you just want to write and parse SGML, then you don't even need that
much, just the DTD, and parts of Jade.  If you want to create HTML or other
output, then you need the stylesheets.

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