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Re: sgmltools Questions (fwd)

Thanks to Sano, please replace reference to sgml-tools in my previous
posting with the following text (even tho' the current Debian packages
list on frozen *still* refers to "sgml-tools") :

[ install appropriate .deb available from:
     http://www.debian.org/~sano/linuxdoc-tools/archives/ ]


* linuxdoc-tools  -  SGML converters for the _linuxdoc DTD only_.
The Linux Documentation Project advises using this set of SGML parsers
to generate HOWTOs and books.  LaTeX, ASCII, HTML, PostScript and roff
can all be generated from one SGML source file.
The main command is linuxdoc; but several other commands are provided
for users' convenience:
 - sgmlcheck:  syntax checking
 - sgml2html:  conversion to html 
 - sgml2info:  conversion to info 
 - sgml2latex: conversion to latex, dvi, and postscript
 - sgml2lyx:   conversion to lyx 
 - sgml2rtf:   conversion to rtf
 - sgml2txt:   conversion to text
HTML can be generated without any other Debian text processing package,
but for any other formats (DTDs) the appropriate packages will have to
be installed.
The linuxdoc-tools package has been designed and implemented *only* for
ise with the linuxdoc DTD.
Since the upstream developers have now completely moved away to the
development of sgmltools-2 [i.e. DocBook-tools -- msw] this set of tools
will not be enhanced to handle documents marked up using other DTDs.
If you wish to convert debiandoc DTD documents, please install and use
the debiandoc-sgml package.
If you wish to convert docbook DTD documents, please install and use
jade or the sgmltools-2 package.


Now ... what can we do about sgmltools-2?

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