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Re: SGML v2 ala DocBook

>>>>> "D" == David Lloyd <lloy0076@rebel.net.au> writes:

    D> The dew in power have said sol

How wonderfully poetic!  As a gardener and frequent camper, I know
_exactly_ what this means; it's a beautiful image. Thanks.

It reminds me of the solar-myth poetry of Herman Blount (aka Sun Ra)

"The world was in darkness, 
 and darkness was ignorance,
 then along came Ra"

So it seems apropos, if I follow your reasoning, at risk of being
base, stating obviousnesses, that those of us who have been spreading
light all over the LDP for the past many dark months have shattered
the dew and morning has broken :)

The rest of your message, however, remains incomprehensible, but that
is the nature of poetry ;)

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