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COMDEX Toronto

I suddenly find myself bound for Toronto to man the CLUE booth and
have no qualms representing the LDP in the process;  is anyone else
headed to the Toronto show?

Just so I don't duplicate effort, my plan is to print out handouts of
the LDP HOWTO-Index; if there are any other good handhouts (I know
we've talked about this before) let me know before noon wednesday.

If you are not going to COMDEX, don't envy me: Two days in the heart
of a dusty, grimy city sharing floorspace with Steve Balmer and Novell
is not my idea of a swell vacation.  I will never understand why Linux
gets drawn into these meat markets when they could be having annual
barbeques at my local http://www.capecroker.org/page7.html

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