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Why not create packages?


Stein's LWN news piece made me curious - why don't we make available
packages in rpm and dpkg formats? (and a tarball for that matter)

I'm a relative newcomer to these lists, so I don't know the past LDP
history and how you all came to certain decisions.

When I saw that note, it just sort of clicked with me... I'm not really
familiar with the process of making an rpm file or a dpkg file, but if
our goal is to make it *easy* for people to get the most recent copies
of all the HOWTOs and to make it easy for distributions to include the
copies in their distros... why not make up packages for them?

It could be something like every 3 months, we build an rpm, .deb and
.tgz tarball and put them in the download section.  That way if people
wanted the most recent versions, they could certainly download them 
individually... or if they just wanted an easy install, they could
have the packages that were up to date as of some time ago.  It would
be better than them continuing to use the older copies provided with

There would be the added benefit that the packages could then be found
at places like rpmfind.com which would only help to further draw attention
to the work done here.

I'd be willing to work with some other folks on putting packages together
and doing so on a regular basis.... unless there is some philosophical
or other reason why the LDP has not done so to date.


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