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Re: Building TOCs - can this be in the LDP-Authors-Guide ?

On Wed, Jul 12, 2000 at 12:03:39PM +0000, Kevin Taylor wrote:
> As a new user of DocBook, etc I have the
> following comments on the LDP-Author-Guide, and
> the facilities in general :

Same boat here, FWIW.
> 1. I am very confused about the relationships
> between the different tools.  I use sgmltools
> (debian) which is fine, but your examples in the
> LDP-Authors-Guide use jade.  Perhaps a quick
> summary of what are the 'backend/real work' tools
> (jade, latex, etc) and what are the front end
> tools (the sgmltools scripts - I assume)
> and how they relate to each other may be
> appropriate in your tools section.

I couldn't agree more with the confusion part of this. I read the
relevant portions at least 15 times, and am just now starting to get
it. Mostly because I've tried all the tools, and have a bit of a feel
for what is necessary, and what works. 

After installing _all_ the suggested packages (I could not find a
reasonably current sgmltools-2), I was unable to create any HTML with
any of the tools. Something had stepped on something. I previously had
this working with sgmltools-1, but was not happy with the way it
handled subsections. So thanks to Gregory's help, I uninstalled
everything I could find, manually deteleted some stuff, and started
over with just the RH packages. The db2html there seems to have the
same problem with subsections BTW. Surely I don't have something tweaked
just right, but I'll be damned if I know what it is. I get the best
HTML with the jade example from LAG. Still not as nicely formatted as
the finished www.linuxdoc.org HOWTOs, but satisfactory.

> Many thanks for this document - I got me writing
> SGML very quickly.  I just need a bit of help
> with the TOC and I am there !

I am getting a decent TOC. I am a little reluctant to offer
suggestions at this point, but did you follow instructions for the
ldp.dsl? IIRC, that has something to do with TOC. A second opinion
would be a good thing ;)

Hal B

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