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[Matti Picus <matti@picus.org>] Re: LPD and DocBook

An unhappy author ...

I have been trying for the past two days to install the necessary software 
to update the Hebrew HOWTO.

I now understand that:
- Docbook 4 is not supported.
- The link to the db154.zip on the tool page is broken since that version 
is no longer available on Welsh' website (IMHO).
- The big-howto-template-ld.sgml uses <!doctype linuxdoc system> but from 
my reading of the mail archives the use of linuxdoc is now deprecated in 
favor of pure docbook. In any case, there is no link anywhere in the 
website to a linuxdoc.dtd. I am also not an expert in SGML (I started 
learning it for this project) but shouldn't that line be
<!doctype system linuxdoc "linuxdoc.dtd">

Could you update the HOWTO-HOWTO to reflect this?

I think part of my problem is the version stuff in docbook visa vi 
sgml-common. Maybe it would help if the HOWTO hardcoded the proper versions 
of a known configuration that works, with names of the proper no-arch RPMs.
Here is what the redhat/updates site has to say:

Red Hat Linux 6.2:

Architecture neutral:


So these, at least, should work together. I mistakenly downloaded 

Unfortunatley this has yet to get me to a state where I can compile

Another suggestion would be to include EXACTLY how to run jade on a known 
file, and allow one to compare the output to see that indeed the 
installation is working.

I realize that you are trying to hit a moving target, and that this stuff 
changes fast,  and appreciate that we are all doing this for free. But it 
has taken me too long to understand what I need to do to start working.


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