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Re: DocBook XML

On Jul 20, 12:13pm, David Lloyd wrote:
> Subject: DocBook XML
> Hi!
> I've noticed that the official version of DocBook 5.0 will be an XML DTD
> as opposed to an SGML and XML release. Assuming that LDP will use
> DocBook 5.0 once it becomes stable, where does this lead us?
> * should we use DocBook 4.1 XML or DocBook 4.1 SGML

We have been discussing that topic over the last couple of days
(re: the XML v. SGML debate), based on what came out of the
Oreilly open source doc summit. Nothing has been decided as of
yet. The LDP is still going thru linuxdoc-to-DocBook-3.1 growing

I think whatever happens, we still must maintain a degree of
flexibility in what we accept: linuxdoc, docbook 3.x,
docbook 4.x, docbook XML, etc.

imo, of course.


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