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Re: Future of jadetex (Was: First Open Source Documentation Summit at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention

Hi all,

I'll try here to make a checkpoint in the discussion, I am aware that
it'll be biased by my reduced view of thinks, please correct and
improve. Also I am not an expert in none of these fields (I am an
acoustical engineer) so correct me in case of mistakes.


1) currently, DocBook -> professional print is not convenient
2) the base of a possible new tool should be XML and no more SGML
3) the new tool must handle many languages specificities correctly
4) none of the current free' processing tools meet the above points or
even took incompatible directions.
4) LaTeX gives professional prints for *many* languages and uses free'


1) Define the mean to pass from DocBook to LaTeX:
        - perl/Python
        - DSSSL
        - XSL
        - ...
2) Solve the stylesheets problem (depends on point 1)
        - use current .dsl ones
        - use LaTeX .sty ones
        - develop a [dsl2xsl, dsl2sty] script?


P.S. If you feel a mailing list is convenient at some point about this
subject, advise.

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