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announcements, new HOWTO coordinator


Having no news from Tim Bynum for a while, I am happy to announce we
have a new HOWTO coordinator : Greg Fergusson

Our loved webmaster has already been taking care of the HOWTOs for a
while and will provide us the same good service he has always done.

I have also officially started working on a sgml2rpm for /opt/ldp,
Joshua Drake created a new mailing list docbrowser@www.linuxdoc.org for
the new project, common to the LDP, KDE and GNOME, discussed in the
O'Reilly summit.

Please mail docbrowser-request@www.linuxdoc.org with subscribe your@email
in the subject if you want to discuss it.

The goal is a mac finder like app merged with a browser to search and
read linux documentation, locally in each format, or from the internet.


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"They who can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary
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