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Re: Random thinks

On Fri, Jul 21, 2000 at 12:40:14PM -0400, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
> The perldocs themselves are excellent, and the cpan command is
> something to be envied by the entire industry; I think your idea has
> merit, but I don't think you need to go into syntax and examples as
Indeed; but there's not (as far as I've ever seen) one document that
will give you a really quick introduction to Perl. The docs available
are fantastic if you've got the time to read them, but I think there's
a gap for something that says what $ and @ and % are, and where to look
in the documentation for more information. 

I'm imagining as a target audience somebody who just had a big pile of
perl dumped on them on a Friday afternoon and needs to understand enough
*right* *now* to at least get a handle on stuff, if you can see what I

Does that sound like something useful, or do you still think it's covered
by the official docs? 

And, to be absolutely honest, my approach to the administrative things
you mentioned is, um, "unscientific" to say the least... I'm certainly
not the person to write a document like that.

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