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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

>    -2. +1.  License the derivative work with this same license or use GPL.
>        Include a copyright notice and at least a pointer to the license
>        used.


>    -3. +2.  Give due credit to previous authors and major contributors.


> -  If you're considering making a derived work other than a translation,
> -  it's requested that you discuss your plans with the current
> -  maintainer.

yes, remove it

> +  It's requested (but not required) for a derivative work (other than
> +  a translation) that you:
> +
> +   1. Discuss your plans with the current maintainer.
> +   2. Send the resulting work to the LDP (Linux Documentation 
> +      Project) for posting on the Internet. 


Carlo Perassi
carlo at linux dot it

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