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Re: Random thinks


I think this sounds great. Would you be willing to use lyx to convert it
to SGML?


On Sat, 22 Jul 2000, Shuvam wrote:

>Dear all,
>> A random thought that just fluttered across my mind...
>> Has anybody considered, or is anybody working on, a Perl HOWTO? Does anybody
>> think it'd be a stupendously good or stupidly bad idea?
>We have a document, about 40 printed pages of A4 size using LaTeX and
>a4wide, which covers Perl and CGI using examples. We wrote it to handle
>in-house training programmes --- we're a software development company.
>We could make this document available as a HOWTO, after suitable
>modifications. It covers Perl programming in the first half, and CGI
>programs in Perl in the second half.
>If the rest of you think a Perl HOWTO is a good idea, do you want to
>take a look at our manual?
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