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Re: Feedback

/etc/hosts is necessary for host name/ip address resolution in the
absence of a domain name server.  On linux systems, a hosts file with
at least a 'localhost' entry must exist, at least during startup,
because there are many system programs that depend on having a
localhost address.  In the file /etc/resolv.conf or /etc/host.conf
there will be a line that reads: 'order hosts,bind', or something
similar, which tells the system to resolve host names first using the
entries in the /etc/hosts file, then using the name server(s)
specified by ip address in /etc/resolv.conf.  If you have a 
domain server on the local host, then you probably only need the
'localhost' entry in the /etc/hosts file.  There's probably no reason
not to use it, but without a source of host names/ip addresses, you'll
need to use ip addresses only; e.g., instead of typing: (for example)
'ftp ftp.mylocalnet.net', you would have to use: 'ftp' 
or some other dotted quad numerical address.

Hope that helps,


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