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Re: Boilerplate License Revision Proposal

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 12:43:04AM -0700, David Lawyer wrote:
> > On Sat, Jul 22, 2000 at 07:26:47PM -0700, Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
> > > I will not do so. I think the Open Publication is a good license. I think
> > > that option B (but not A) is an excellent option for corporations and
> > > individuals alike.
> > 
> Note that the LDP Manifesto permits the use of option A (but
> discourages it since option A prohibits modification).  The LDP
> Manifesto does not allow the use of option B that Poet says is "an
> excellent option".  I think that option B is a poor option.

Yup. It would prevent reusage.

> I think it's a good thing to restrain people from making money in some
> cases.  For example, if they were making excessive profits from it.

As long as the work is released under the GFDL, they can not "block"
any improvement or concurrency.

> However, this is not the case for LDP documents since the books
> containing them seem to be low in price.


> If authors sold the rights for commercial reprint, then the price for
> the books would likely be higher even though profits would still be
> made.  There are two reasons for higher prices:

Right again.

> 1. The cost of paying the author
> 2. The monopoly right to commercially print the document and prohibit
>    anyone else from doing so (prohibit competition).

And this would be *bad*.

> That's why I support our current policy of rejecting option B, etc.

Before taking any decision; I would like more feedback on that point;
Joshua did his best to get us feedback from kuro5hin.org.

What do other other think about optionB ?

I think we should allow OPL, but without the options

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