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Re: RipTags


No, I expect that some people might find a tools useful that offers the
ability to convert tags.

Yes, you are right, UNIX is about reuseability. Which is why it has been
written with the idea that you could embed it in other programs. It is
also OpenSource, so you can abuse it any way you like.

Not all geeks can use sed. Not all geeks can use perl. I have an associate
that could probably program/script just about anything in sh but couldn't
program sed to save his life?

Does this make him not a geek?

Do you have to be a geek to use DocBook?

Get a grip man. It is free, use it or don't use it. I don't really care.


On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Roman Maurer wrote:

>Joshua Drake wrote:
>> Easy. You don't have to be a programmer. Or know an arcane syntax.
>So you expect non-geeks to deal with DocBook tags?
>> It is specifically designed for "ANYONE" to be able to make a listing
>> of tags they want replaced and type one command.
>Chances are, "ANYONE" might prefer learning a tool he/she can reuse.
>Unix is all about reusing small pieces of programs.

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Instead of asking why a piece of software is using "1970s technology," 
start asking why software is ignoring 30 years of accumulated wisdom. 

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