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I just printed out a few of the latest HOWTOs using the provided Postscript
files. I have the following comments:

1) 4 out of the 6 files i.e. teTeX, Advanced Bash-Scripting, CD-Writing,
Text-Terminal print with even numbered pages as the facing (odd pages). If
one prints these on a double sided printer the result is miserable. You need
to insert a blank page after the table of contents.

2) The cover pages are unattractive and unhelpful. Traditional documents
have the title in the top third of the cover page, not in the middle. And
not having a version or date on the cover is madness.

3) The PPP HOWTO has a doubled spaced bold table of contents that again is
unatractive and difficult to read. The table of contents is then duplicated
in the main document. Although facing pages are odd-numbered the formatting
is broken. For example the heading "Chapter 4. Aims of this Document" is on
a page on its own.

You should look at the results of the FSF Texinfo system and take some
layout ideas from that.

Neil Faulks

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