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Re: RipTags

Sorry about that it is actually at


Riptags is a program that does just what its name implies. It rips the
tags out of a document and replaces it with other.

Therefore within the conf file if you have

P               PARA
SECT1           CHAPTER

It will replace all instances of "P" with "PARA" and so on. It is not a
perfect converter but it can help immensely with things. It is also
designed to be a library so it can be used to embed in applications.

One possible use of this would be to convert ABW (Abiword) documents to

Joshua Drake

On Sat, 29 Jul 2000, Sandy Harris wrote:

>Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
>> Hello,
>> There is a new release of RipTags at
>> http://www.linuxports.com/riptags-0.2.0.tar.gz
>> Some feedback would be appreciated :)
>I get a 404 error.
>What is RipTags?

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