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On Mon, Sep 01, 2036 at 11:03:08PM -0400, Rebecca Giovannini wrote:
> neat.
> Any way we could include this structure in the /usr/doc/... ?
> I wouldn't mind having the same structure available on the hard disk.
> Rebecca

If you're talking about putting HOWTOs into subdirectories based on
classification, I'm not so sure this is a good idea.  This is because:

1. Some HOWTOs fall into more than one category.  Some may not fall
 into any category ??
2. It's slightly easier to search all HOWTOs with grep if they are all in
the same directory.
3. When one wants to read a HOWTO, they have a longer path to type.
If they've created an alias "how" to get them to the HOWTO directory,
then they would still need to type the subdirectory name to get to the
HOWTO they want.  What if they don't remember which subdirectory it's

                        David Lawyer

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