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Re: [Re: Navigation, ...

On Sat, 29 Jul 2000, Hal Burgiss wrote:

> > > I wonder if each HOWTO (FAQ, etc) could have a 'KEYWORD' section,
> > > maybe even behind a comment so it is invisible to the end user.
> > > Then some clever soul could come with something like what
> > > makewhatis is for man pages based on the keywords. Then something
> > > like apropos to pull up a list of Docs that match. Even slicker to
> > > output it into HTML or some other format where each Doc is
> > > selectable from the generated list. Just thinking out loud ...
> Well I got it with 'locate HOWTO | grep -i net' in about .2 seconds.
> But that is not the point. You and I can probably find this much
> pretty easily. There are many who can't, and probably those are the
> ones who may need this info the most.
> > I don't think that keywords that describe the entire HOWTO would be
> > of much help.  I've been hard-pressed to think up any important
> > keywords to describe some HOWTOs.
> That's strange. 

... it most certainly is!

> > The abstracts of HOWTOs already exist, and could be utilized in
> > searching.  A simple way to do this would be to collect all the
> > abstracts into a single file.  Then a user would use grep, an
> > editor, a pager, etc. to search that "abstract" file.  I can now go
> > to the HOWTO directory and use zgrep to search all words of all
> > HOWTOs, but on an old PC it takes a while.  So it would be faster to
> > just search one abstract file.  With the latest PCs it wouldn't save
> > much time.

Try  htgrep
(greps thro' a bunch of HTML and returns an HTMLised list of pages/docs,
hotlinked wherever necessary.  Only drawback is it only works ["out of
the box"] on a single data file of HTML paragraphs -- one paragraph
per doc.)


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