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Re: Voila! A compromise!

>I don't like the idea of two separate lists.  It makes it harder to
>find docs.  In my case, my HOWTOs would be considered non-free since
>they require that anyone making a modification and then distributing
>it must send a copy to my email address.  There are various degrees of
>being non-free and just splitting the docs into 2 categories doesn't
>reveal the whole story.  One important category is what all our docs
>meet now: they must be freely redistributable in any media.  But many
>docs in this category are not "free" since they restrict (or prohibit)

I agree with this which is why I just suggested some classification within
the listing of the HOWTO. For example in the HOWTO-INDEX it would simply

NFS HOWTO - "Beer-free"
Net-HOWTO - "GNU-free"

Or something like this. That way the docs are still easy to find but the
reader has been notified that the document has certain restrictions on it.

>I believe that we need to have a file which shows the type of license
>for each doc.  I once started on this project and hope to someday
>finish it.  There's a lot of work to do since it includes contacting
>authors that have used ambiguous licenses, etc.  If GNU wants a list
>of our "GNU-free" docs then we should supply it (after we determine
>which ones are "GNU-free" so they can link to these docs (mine
>excluded unless I change my license).

That is a hell of a project. Good luck.

Joshua Drake

>In another post I'll discuss the issues of allowing authors to restrict
>modification and prohibit commercial printing.
>                    David Lawyer
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