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Greg_Havens@tivoli.com wrote:
> Is there currently anyone working on a howto for GCC Inline Assembly?  I had to
> do it the other day and I found very little resources and none of them would
> have been helpful on their own.  If there isn't a good howto for it yet, I would
> lik to write one.
> -Greg Havens II
> Tivoli Systems

There are (or should be) several resources for this.  I have
here a saved copy of "A Brief Tutorial on GCC inline asm (x86 biased)"
by Colin Plumb - about 600 lines of ascii posted to linux-kernel
in 1998.  A search of the mailing lists (or asking colin@nyx.net if
still valid) might turn up a newer copy.

Searching linux-kernel (linux-gcc) lists for posts by Alan Modra
(and HJ Lu if not too numerous) will also likely turn up lots of
useful tips/info not found elsewhere.


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