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Hi All,

Well, what's to say, except some of my qualifications:

Been using Linux for about 7 years now (starting with what I remember
as the TAMU release on about 6-7 floppy diskettes).  I've been
doing sysadmin work on Solaris and Linux for about 4 years, but
that's not my primary job.  I maintain the Printing-USAGE howto
and the HOWTO-HOWTO, both up which need some updating (ahem).

I wanted to get on this list and participate because I want to
make it easier for authors and potential authors to share their
information and knowledge with others.  I find this to be one of
the best things about Linux - the people. There's a definate sense
of community and each person helping another.  You don't see this
kind of assitance with those..uhm..other operating systems, aside
from "tip of the day" things that are too scattered to be much help.

I'm hoping that out of this list we get some of the following

1) Clear path from LinuxDoc (LD) to DocBook (DB)
2) Working tools for most distros for DB
3) Document DB for authors (my personal interest)
4) Easy WYSIWYM tools to allow anyone to easily write DB
5) Automated tools to verify, checkin, and distribute DB
6) World peace (and a Blue BMW Z3)

I realize that maybe some of these are outside the scope of
our charter, but it'd be nice if we could tackle some of thses
issues, get with some outside developers and get them interested,
and make the LDP as a whole better.


Carlo Gavazzi IPC     | Mark F. Komarinski, RHCE - Compat. Engineer|
176 Second Ave        | markk@cgipc.com - www.cgipc.com            |
Waltham, MA 02451 USA | Ph: 781-290-4800 x138  Fx: 781-290-4810    |

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