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Logo in DocBook for LDP docs

Hi All,

For your interest:

I used the runner-up logo in the DocBook version of my HOWTO.

( URL in my .sig )

I used the following in the <artheader> to produce it. :

<imagedata fileref="images/meghan1.jpg" align="left" format="jpg">
<phrase>Linux Documentation Project</phrase>

The <textobject> is for those with a text-only browser.

I think the logo is suitable these documents. Its size and location may
be changed as necessary.

What do you think?

It would be easy to establish a "default" artheader for the HOWTOs etc.,
that may be provided to document authors as a "template." 

I know this is premature :-) It's just a thought.


Howard Mann
Online Troubleshooting Resources:HOWTO

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