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Re: Outline for Author's Guide


> I'm including as an attachment a draft of an agenda for this
> committee, including an outline for the Author's Guide, which I
> propose as our first major deliverable..

I would also like us in the beginning to come up with a set of tools that
will assist in the migration from LinuxDoc to DocBook.  I feel this would
be invaluable and would greatly complment the Author's Guide.

> As soon as Tim tells me the details, I'll get this into LDP
> CVS---hopefully on a machine with CVSWeb setup---so it can be a shared 
> thing we work on as a committee.

Yes, the CVS has been set up (only for the current Docs) and there is
CVSWeb as well.

I will get rolling on setting up a module for the LDP Docbook Committee
and will announce the specifics here.


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