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Re: Policy issues

>>>>> "Gary" == Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@canada.com> writes:

Gary> Keywords and index terms ... someday we may want one LDP doc to
Gary> cross-reference another.  That leads to policies on first and
Gary> second-level index terms.

This is an area that we've not yet ventured into.  My (limited)
understanding is that there are a few de-facto standards, but all of them
are "outside" of DocBook itself.  I don't have my SGML references at hand
here, but I seem to recall that one of them was called something like

Gary> Other policies are the format for Bibliographic entries and for the
Gary> style used for XREF tags, for example, I carry over my LaTeX
Gary> convention of using xref tags of the form TYPE:TAG (ie FIG:NETWORK vs
Gary> TAB:NETWORK) only DocBook does not allow the colon as an ID
Gary> character.  The idea is to make such anchors easy to guess from the
Gary> context and to define a sub-namespace for each type of
Gary> cross-reference (ie SEC vs FIG vs TAB &c)

Ah, you mean id attributes.  You're right about colons not being allowed;
we used hyphens to separate the various parts of our id attributes.  I
think DocBook 3.1 (which we've not yet migrated to) also allows

Our id attributes look something like this:


"s1" indicates that this is an id for a <sect1>.  "cd-rom-gui" represents
the name of the SGML file in which this <sect1> exists (we split our
documents up by chapter, referring to them in our "root" document via
entities).  And finally "begin-install" is a writer-supplied identifier that
describes what's in the <sect1>.

As you can tell, the hyphen is an overloaded delimiter, which is why we
would like to go to 3.1 so we can at least make ids parse
unambiguously... :-)

Ed Bailey        Red Hat, Inc.          http://www.redhat.com/

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