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author's guide

Hi there.

I've just been catching up on my email (been away on business for the
last week), and I've noticed that there is a lot of discussion regarding
an Author's Guide to DocBook on this list.  I'd be interested in seeing
the outline if it's available.

I've also recently started a project to produce what I'm calling a
"Practical Introduction to DocBook".  Obviously such a book is sorely
needed by the open-source documentation community.  I had originally
started writing one on my own, but it is a very large project that
really should be a collaborative work (few of us have time to write a
whole book in our spare time :)

I've put together a website for the project, which includes  my first
stab at an outline.  I would very much like feedback on it -- I'm
relatively new to DocBook, and I may have missed a few things.  The
project site is here:


This sort of book is of use to all open-source documentation projects --
the LDP, the OSWG, the FreeBSD DP, the GNOME DP, etc.  Rather than
having a number of different projects like this working towards the same
goal, I think that it would be useful for us to coordinate our efforts
and produce a single on-going collaborative document that can be used by
all documentation projects.  

I don't know whether such a cooperative/collaborative effort is of
interest to you, but I would very much like to discuss it if it is.  I
think we might be able to attract collaborators from other documentation
projects (such as the FreeBSD DP and the GNOME DP) for this project if
it is done as a cooperative effort.

Note that the project site is in "first draft" form, and feedback about
any of it would be appreciated.  Bits are subject to change, of course,
depending on how the project evolves.  There's a lot in the "about this
project" section that might be of interest, particularly regarding the
development process.

- deb


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