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Re: Outline for Author's Guide

>>>>> "Kendall" == Kendall Clark <kclark@ntlug.org> writes:

Gary> I'm open to alternate nomenclature, but calling them "TAGS" doesn't
Gary> distinguish the complex ones (eg tables or authorgroup with all the
Gary> proper attributes) from trivial tags like <emphasis>

Kendall> Well, the SGML nomenclature is what I use: elements, attributes,
Kendall> entities, etc. <table> is an element no less than <emphasis>, it
Kendall> just happens to be one that can contain others.

That last sentence is not completely correct; it should end with "...it
just happens to be one that *must* contain others."  If you look at the
childrem of <emphasis> versus those of <table> you'll actually find that
<emphasis> can have a wider variety of tags within it.  The real difference
is that soemthing like <table> is more structured, focused construct.  But
then, if you take your SGML "zoom lens", and zoom back to look at, say,
<book>, you'll find could make the same argument for that tag... :-)

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