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How do I mark ...?

So, I've gotten part way there, but does anybody have suggestions on this?
Specifically, there are some mailing lists listed, but they aren't listed as
full email addresses.  Should I change those into real emails, and put them
in <address><email>, or should I do something else?  Thanks,

     <primary>disk!information resources!mailing lists</primary>

These are low noise channels mainly for developers. Think
twice before asking questions there as noise delays the development.
Some relevant lists are <Literal remap="tt">linux-raid</Literal>, <Literal
remap="tt">linux-scsi</Literal> and <Literal
Many of the most useful mailing lists run on the <Literal
remap="tt">vger.rutgers.edu</Literal> server
but this is notoriously overloaded, so try to find a mirror. There are some
lists mirrored at
<ulink url="http://www.redhat.com";>The Redhat Home Page</ulink>.
Many lists are also accessible at
<ulink url="http://www.linuxhq.com/lnxlists";>linuxhq</ulink>,
and the rest of the web site is a gold mine of useful information.</para>

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