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Re: <figure> and <alt> tag

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Mark Komarinski wrote:

> Can I have an <alt> with a <figure><graphic> tag?  nsgmls seems
> to complain and say I can only use it with <inlineequation>.
> Or is there some better way to have a text description of an image?

Sure there's a better way.  (If your stylesheet can handle translating:
   "the short text description as the online alternative"  
properly, that is :)

see:  MediaObject

from Norm Walsh's "DocBook: The Definitive Guide" ISBN: 156592-580-7
(ventilation of markup for clarity of presentation is my own):


<!DOCTYPE mediaobject PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN">


   <imagedata fileref="figures/eiffeltower.eps" format="eps">

   <imagedata fileref="figures/eiffeltower.gif" format="gif">

   <phrase>The Eiffel Tower</phrase>

   <para>Designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1889, The Eiffel Tower is one of
    the most widely recognized buildings in the world.


 . . . .

The primary purpose of the MediaObject is to provide a wrapper around a 
set of alternative presentations of the same information.

If possible, the processing system should use the content of the first 
object within the MediaObject. If the first object cannot be used, the
remaining objects should be considered in the order that they occur. A
processor should use the first object that it can, although it is free
to choose any of the remaining objects if the primary one cannot be

Under no circumstances should more than one object in a MediaObject be 
used or presented at the same time.

For example, a MediaObject might contain a video, a high resolution 
image, a low resolution image, a long text description, and a short text
description. In a "high end" online system, the video is used. For
print publishing, the high resolution image is used. For other online
systems, either the high or low resolution image is used, possibly
including the short text description as the online alternative. In a 
text-only environment, either the long or short text descriptions are

Future Changes

In DocBook V5.0, MediaObject will replace Graphic.


You can check it out by viewing the online version of the "Docbook
Definitive Guide" <imageobject> element example page.


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