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Re: More graphics questions

Bill Brooks <wbrooks@lug.ee.calpoly.edu> writes:

> On a related note, is there an example document in docbook format in the
> LDP repository that has screenshots or any other graphic figure in .eps or
> .jpg format? In preparing my guide, I'm using the comand-line DocBook
> tools from http://sourceware.cygnus.com/docbook-tools and I can't get
> them to produce a .pdf file from my docbook sources that include a .eps
> file in the following manner:

Ok... since nobody answered you correctly, here it is:

For PDF files you should use PDF, JPEG or other graphic files, but not
PS or EPS ones. 

And really change you <graphic> tags by the <mediaobject>
ones. DocBook 4.0 is out and 5.0 will be soon (1 year or so, when
we'll be used to use these going-to-be-deprecated tags). 

Godoy.  <godoy@conectiva.com> 

Departamento de Publicações
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