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Re: More graphics questions

Jorge Godoy wrote:
> Bill Brooks <wbrooks@lug.ee.calpoly.edu> writes:
> > On a related note, is there an example document in docbook format in the
> > LDP repository that has screenshots or any other graphic figure in .eps or
> > .jpg format? In preparing my guide, I'm using the comand-line DocBook
> > tools from http://sourceware.cygnus.com/docbook-tools and I can't get
> > them to produce a .pdf file from my docbook sources that include a .eps
> > file in the following manner:
> Ok... since nobody answered you correctly, here it is:
> For PDF files you should use PDF, JPEG or other graphic files, but not
> PS or EPS ones.
> And really change you <graphic> tags by the <mediaobject>
> ones. DocBook 4.0 is out and 5.0 will be soon (1 year or so, when
> we'll be used to use these going-to-be-deprecated tags).

Err...This depends on what you're using to make the PDF files.  Cygnus creates
TeX, then PS, then PDF.  TeX doesn't like JPEG all that much, so you have to
use .eps (at least, this is what most of an afternoon has taught me). Jade
also uses TeX to create PS.

The LDP uses another tool (html2ps?) to generate the PDF, skipping the TeX
part altogether.

If the LDP (hey powers-that-be) wants to support TeX as an output format,
then you'll need to provide both .eps and .jpg files.  At least this was
the answer to my question on graphics formats.

If we don't want to support TeX, then I'll go ahead and document the alternate
PDF tool and advise authors to not use jade or db2pdf to create PDF files.

Maybe I'll document the html2ps anyway....


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