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Re: More graphics questions

Mark Komarinski <markk@cgipc.com> writes:

> Err...This depends on what you're using to make the PDF files.  Cygnus creates
> TeX, then PS, then PDF.  TeX doesn't like JPEG all that much, so you have to
> use .eps (at least, this is what most of an afternoon has taught me). Jade
> also uses TeX to create PS.

I don't know how Cygnus work, I'm sorry. I was answering based on how
Jade and OpenJade works. PDFJadeTeX works the way I described. 

> The LDP uses another tool (html2ps?) to generate the PDF, skipping the TeX
> part altogether.

Greg's using this because he said he can get better PDF files. 

Using PDFJadeTeX we can have the hyperlinks to work. Can we get that
with Cygnus' tools? 

> If the LDP (hey powers-that-be) wants to support TeX as an output format,
> then you'll need to provide both .eps and .jpg files.  At least this was
> the answer to my question on graphics formats.

TeX isn't supported with Jade or Cygnus' tools. Both support a variant
called JadeTeX. JadeTeX is being deprecated in favor of
PassiveTeX. Both are maintained by Sebastian Rahtz. 

And, as I've suggested in a private message to Poet, we could get TIFF
files and convert them to PS/EPS, JPEG, PNG and any other format we
need to publish the document. EPS is not mandatory here. JadeTeX
requires EPS graphics, not DocBook. 

> If we don't want to support TeX, then I'll go ahead and document the alternate
> PDF tool and advise authors to not use jade or db2pdf to create PDF files.

We want to support JadeTeX. :-)
I don't know if we should say that to authors. "Use jade to get HTML
but not PDF. For PDF use XYZ. For PS use ABC...". This is complicated
and unecessary. 

> Maybe I'll document the html2ps anyway....


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