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Re: More graphics questions

Mark Komarinski <markk@cgipc.com> writes:

> > TeX isn't supported with Jade or Cygnus' tools. Both support a variant
> > called JadeTeX. JadeTeX is being deprecated in favor of
> > PassiveTeX. Both are maintained by Sebastian Rahtz.
> Doh.  I talk about TeX in a general format.  Sorry.

No problems. I was just trying to make it clear that although we can
use LaTeX to render files, we still need the JadeTeX macros on top of
it to get the correct output. 

> > And, as I've suggested in a private message to Poet, we could get TIFF
> > files and convert them to PS/EPS, JPEG, PNG and any other format we
> > need to publish the document. EPS is not mandatory here. JadeTeX
> > requires EPS graphics, not DocBook.
> I understand that.  Perhaps some goofytool(tm) that will generate a PNG and
> EPS from a TIFF?

We use ImageMagick's convert. It works very well. 

> JPG does suffer from quality problems, but you can increase the quality.
> GIF is right out.  Do most major browsers support PNG now?

I don't think so. JPEG is still our best choice.

> Since authors won't do the actual rendering into the various formats,
> it shouldn't matter.  How about a new section showing how the LDP does
> its rendering which would include a table of formats and commands?
> Or will that just get too confusing?

No, it won't be that confusing. We could get a flow chart telling how
a document is processed. Hyperlinks on it could explode into pages
containing more detailed instructions... 

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